Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Death of Ivan Ilyich Essay -- Literary Analysis, Tolstoy

In his novella, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, social lion Tolstoy satirizes the isolation and materialism of Russian connection and suggests that its desensitized existence overlooks the true meaning of lifecompassion. Ivan had attained everything that society deemed master(prenominal) in life a high social position, a herculean job, and money. Marriage developed out of necessity rather than love He only required of it those conveniencesdinner at home, housewife, and bedwhich it could circulate him (17). Later, he purchased a magnificent house, as society dictated, and attempted to subscribe it with ostentatious antiquities bushelly available to the wealthy. However, In reality it was just what is commonly seen in the houses of people of moderate means who want to appear rich, and and then succeed only in resembling others like themselves (22). Through intense characterizations by the detached and omniscient narrator, Tolstoy reveals the flaws of this deeply superficial society. Although Ivan has flourished under the standards of society, he fails to induce any sort of connection with another human being on this earth. Tragically, only his fatal illness can allow him to confront his sustain goal and reevaluate his life. He finally understands, in his final breath, that alone you have lived for and still live for is falsehood and deception, hiding life and death from you (69).Tolstoy establishes his satire instantly after the death of Ivan through the cruel and self-loving reactions of his friends. The death of a friend would normally conjure feelings of grief and compassion, except for Ivans close associates, thoughts of their futures drowned out any thoughts of death. So on receiving the news of Ivan Ilychs death the first thought of each of the gentlemen in ... ...nt factors in an separates life. Tolstoy suggests that even though most of Russian society has lived alike(p) to Ivan, an opportunity will always exist to redeem oneself of his past gr eed. Leo Tolstoy argues in The Death of Ivan Ilyich the importance of compassion in life and the icy role it plays in allowing an individual to live a truly upstanding life. In his eyes, the Russian nobility did not actually live since their sole priorities were themselves and obtaining possessions. While the poor, on the other hand, understood the importance of their time on this earth and seized every second of it. Although written in the late nineteenth century, Tolstoys work continues to apply to American society even today. quite a little continue to isolate themselves from the world and suppress all difficult emotions, believe that their wealth-oriented lives are noble.

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