Sunday, February 24, 2019

Wto Case

Tasks 1) Review the articles and explain what is the nerve centre of the contest * The core of the dispute be economic relations between countries and its companies, which stand in WTO. In these situations each country tries to defend its rights and win, so WTOs indigenous task is to solve the arising problems guided with one of the main principles non-discrimination. The rule requires that a WTO member must apply the same conditions on only guile with some other WTO members, i. . a WTO member has to grant the most favorable conditions to a lower place which it allows trade in a certain product type to all other WTO members. So in the case of China USA dispute WTO uses this principle and forces China to open the market for U. S. movies, music and books. China regulate US movies and music so far in order to cherish their domesticated entertainment market. But WTO ruled that China has to open to conflicting entertainment materials according to globalization. ) Find and pres ent at least deuce-ace another disputes which are at the agenda of the Dispute Settlement ashes of WTO. * DISPUTE DS450 China Certain Measures Affecting the Automobile and Automobile-Parts Industries * The linked States call for consultations with China concerning certain measures providing subsidies in the form of grants, loans, forgone government revenue, the provision of goods and services, and other incentives contingent upon export performance to automobile and automobile-parts enterprises in China. DISPUTE DS455 Indonesia implication of horticultural products, animals and animal products * The United States requested consultations with Indonesia concerning certain measures it imposes on the importing of horticultural products, animals and animal products. * DISPUTE DS456 India Certain Measures Relating to solar Cells and Solar Modules * The United States requested consultations with India concerning certain measures of India relating to domestic content requirements u nder the Jawaharial Nehru National Solar Mission (NSM) for solar cells and solar modules. ) Explain the term dumping prices * toss price is name for the practice of selling a product in a foreign country for less than the price in the domestic country, or the cost of making the product. Such a low prices may constitute a competition problem e. g. when a company, which is dominating in a market, dumps their price, and the price drops so far that the company sells at a loss in order to eliminate a competitor. * discard in CZE Radim Jancura commented a situation slightly Regio Jet. They have lost about 50mil.Kc in 2012 and he accused CD of dumping prices. Commentator was affect to hear that from Jancura, who provided tickets for 1Kc from Prague to Liberec in the beginning. And Jancura explained Its not dumping prices when its short beginning company, because it send awayt destroy the competition. But when the company owns more(prenominal) than 30% of the market, than its dumping 4) Which other commodities are object of protectionist measures? * As we come closer to a free trade, the protectionist measures become weaker.You can use up also Thin Film Solar CellNevertheless, there are commodities, which can be a good example of protectionism. The EU imposes substantial responsibility rates on many agricultural markets in order to increment the income of European farmers through increasing prices. The most significant examples are meat, dairy farm products, vegetables, cereals, sugar and agricultural products. There was a 20-years banana war, which consisted in great tariffs on banana imports from Latin America. Exporters had to pay 176 per ton of bananas.But thus 10 Latin American countries signed a historic balance to end the banana wars and banana prices are expected to fall by 11%. Argentina has increase imports duties on 100 products, including over a dozen agricultural goods. Tariffs on the import of milk powder increased to 9% after there was a t hreat of falling incomes to Argentinian farmers. Apart from commodities mentioned above, we think it can be also all types of commodities which are somehow important for the domestic economy (eg. because of domestic jobs, certain cite industries, etc. 1 . 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