Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Marketing Samsung Essay

The transformation from a low end to a world class company, Samsung has grown with an electrifying portfolio. ’Next is what’ tag line for all the Samsung mobiles defies its competitors,making them strive more to compete. The underpinning business orientation aids the company to play the market race easily. The coordination between the products and sales is balanced and composed that the net sales mend at a high speed. Samsung targets to capitalize profitability by ensuing an effective marketing mix. A healthy competition is always considered to be one of the most attractive driving sources to triumph. Samsung faces several industrial aspirants, but is significantly distinguished with its marketing management tasks. The company follows a core strategy to keep glowing in the sprint. Superior performance through differentiation providing consumer value, managing lowest deliver cost acts as the imperative competitive advantages. ? The direct competitor targets for Samsung are, Put the companies name like iphone, nokia†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ all its important competitors logo Samsung has a strong infrastructure with all the necessary requirements, producing wide range of well recognized products globally. The company puts its higher investment on R&D, thereby building technologically driven niche products. It establishes a brand value , providing greater yields than its competitors. The fast changing company entices young brains by providing fascinating pay, bonuses and incentives as a token of recognition. Samsung has large resources as a powerful work force, who are given full freedom to explore and innovate advancement in technologies and development. The business targets the specific market and creates a revolution, with its high margin products all over the world. With joint investments, the business is customer and market oriented. The brand power creates value chain that integrates competencies of all areas.Samsung positions itself as the digital technology leader, contends with other leading companies by appointing Olympic gold medalist Abinav Bindra and Actor Aamir khan, as its brand ambassador for it consumer electronics business and mobile phones respectively. Samsung meets every challenge, with high investment, with expertise in technology and marketing. Internally, Samsung maintains its own controlled strategy to stay competitive.

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