Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Health promotion lnterveton Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Health promotion lnterveton - Essay Example This intervention seeks to create awareness of the potential health risks posed by binge drinking, as well as the potential benefits of non-indulgence in binge drinking. The health promotion intervention took place at the London Metropolitan University through a PowerPoint presentation. Prior to the intervention, a selection of ten participants willing to participate in the health promotion intervention took place. A pre-assessment of the perceptions of the participants in binge drinking occurred before the intervention. After the intervention, each participant filled in a post-assessment questionnaire. Analysis and comparison of these assessments determined the outcome of the intervention. In the recent past, studies have revealed that there is an increased rate of binge drinking among undergraduate students. A close analysis of students’ perception on alcohol use highlights that they consider it a pleasurable activity. Binge drinking among university students has been soaring at alarming rates. A remarkable percentage of students specifically 92.4% fall into the category of binge drinkers. These statistics reveal that university students have adopted the British drinking culture. Despite previous efforts by the government to reduce binge drinking, it seems to be increasing in universities. Notably, as the number of university students increased, binge drinkers among the students increase. In 2002, over 60% of undergraduates indulged in binge drinking. In one of the Scottish Universities, a study conducted to establish the percentage of binge drinkers that involved 180 female students revealed that most of them indulged in binge drinking. However, such students did not categorize themselves as binge drinkers (Marks, & Maguire 2010, p. 654). The increasing rates of binge drinking among university students are the cause for concern considering the negative health effects associated

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