Thursday, October 17, 2019

Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 11

Research Paper Example Among the main concerns that are raised concerning the move are: what is the main motive of India launching mars orbiter especially with increased space exploration across the globe, and, is there a rivalry in competition between China and India concerning space exploration? Therefore, this discussion aims at establishing reasons why India’s space exploration is such an esteemed undertaking amidst complains on increased poverty levels and substantiate on claims that India invests in space exploration to counter China’s supremacy in space exploration within the Asian region. Discussion In a recent article by MacAskill and Nagarajan (2013), India, have plans underway to launch a space ship ‘Mars Orbiter’ towards Mars as race for space power intensifies between the country and China. The two countries are the recent entrants into the race with US, Russia as well as Europe having already launched space explorers into the mars orbit in the past. It is however wo rth noting that in spite of the open contest between India and China in space supremacy, few or none of the officials in India would not admit this. â€Å"India is clearly concerned about China’s recent rise in space prestige and wants to minimize that damage† (MacAskill and Nagarajan, 2013) as is reported by the report and this illustrates the tag existing between the Asian countries. There have been ongoing debates and research studies aimed at establishing the truth in the postulation that India’s increased zeal to launch the mars orbiter is for competition with China as a rival in Asia as against being propelled by reason of gathering scientific knowledge on existence of life on Mars or even to showcase technology advancement of the country. This study therefore identifies the problem in justifying the motives of space exploration by India and sets forth to substantiate the claim. This therefore makes the question of ‘what exactly is the aim to the gre at exploration investments?’ paramount to the discussion. Besides the main goal of this essay as being to investigate the above posed question, this study envisions to contribute towards bridging the previously identified gap in literature concerning the motives of India launch of the mars orbiter. This study will also guide in future studies in the same theme where the findings will be instrumental in revealing the direction to be taken by future researchers of Asian space exploration in the 21st century. Indian government and the space exploration mission is not based on race towards space exploration supremacy as argued by many. On the contrary, Indian mars exploration is meant to gather scientific information and displaying Indian technology in space exploration. Depending on various literatures available on the topic, there is justifiable evidence to support the postulation above. Technological development as well as social development is necessities for economic growth and development within any nation. India is seen to have increasingly invested in space exploration in the recent past, a phenomenon that sparks heated debates on the intentions while majority of the population in the country still live in absolute poverty. Among many other missions, that India continues to undertake in space exploration in the launch of mars orbiter is a major one. However, with claims circulating that India is determined

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